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Oral History interviews Transcription- Lived experience History

This was another project we enjoyed working on. It was a large project that took us 6-7 months to complete. This project was about transcribing recorded interviews from American Citizens who had passed through Ellis Island from Europe during World War 1& 2.

By the time we were working on the project most of the interviewees had long passed away but we experienced history on another level. Things you can never read on a history book.

KaziRemote was glad to be able to be a part of the team worked on preserving this data and genealogica history.

Client: Stanford University & Ellis Island Museum

Category: Oral History Transcription

Date: Octover 2016- May 2017


Communication played a big role in the smooth running of these project. There were constant updates to the client, a good plan considering the bulk of the work.

Team work

Team work enabled us work efficiently, keep deadlines and produce accurate transcripts for the client. We understood that the transcripts would be a history reference point for generations to come.


Our research skills were tried and tested in this project. This was because all the interviewees were from Europe and their pronounciation and terminologies were unfamiliar to my team. We worked quite well on that and were able to exceed the client’s expectations.

Value Pricing

We gave the client both value and quality when it came to transcribing oral history interviews. The big project size also allowed us offer cost-effective prices to our client