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Legal Transcription- using science to support legal counsel

This project brought an interesting twist to legal transcription. Our client Innovative Solutions Inc helps legal counsel in litigation in complex scientific and medical issues.

This means that they provide solutions to defense lawyers arguing cases for companies that have been accused of harboring work environments that may or may not cause chronic diseases like cancer to their employees.

This is was one of my most informative project that had us transcribing legal terminologies at one moment and medical at the next moment.


Client: Innovative Science Solutions

Category: Legal and Medical Transcription

Date: November 2018


Kaziremote skills development approach to how we tackle speech to text conversion enabled us successfuly work on repeat projects for our client regardless of the merger between law and medical terminologies in the recordings.


The project required a lot of legal and medical terminologies research. Our team is well versed in research skills and we therefore were able to produce accurate transcripts.

Quality Assurance

KaziRemote assures quality work to it’s client. The complexity of this transcription project allowed us showcase our expertise in quality assurance.


The beauty about transcribing is having the opportunity to learn as you work or learn as you get paid. This particular project brought a combination of work and learnings.