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Earning calls Transcription- Companies yearly financial reports

Earnings calls are yearly conference calls between companies’ executives, shareholders and investors where financial reports read out.

In America, earnings calls are listed on earning casts website. Where interested parties can hear live conference calls. Our Client Motley Fool, a financial advisory firm required transcription of various listed American companies.

Client: Motley Fool

Category: Business Transcription

Date: August- September 2017

Rush jobs

This project introduced to rush jobs where the client expected earnings calls transcript six hours after the live conference call. This was to enable them interpret a companies financial report for advisory purposes

Business skills

Business skills and research came in handy in this project. A clear understanding of business terminologies was uttermostly important for our deliverables.


In times of rush jobs, our plan is to increase human resource and work in a crowd tasking way where one recorded file is split among the resource. Working this way enabled us finish the project faster than the 6 hour deadline.


Working with Motley Fool introduced KaziRemote to the world of transcribing earnings calls. It gave us the opportunity to get  a portfolio for our future business clients who would require earnings calls transcription.

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