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Transcription of Qualitative Business Research Interviews

Genpact firm uses research and media services to combine data and digital to provide transformative digital solutions.

As repeat clients, Genpact India conducts recorded research intervies with business managers, employees and other stakeholders to provide professional services to their clients.

KaziRemote has worked with Genpact to provide accurate transcription of the recorded research interviews. These transcripts help with data collection and analysis, which is a big component of their mandate.

Client: Genpact India

Category: Research Transcription

Date: October 2019


Genpact uses businesss research interviews to collect data that is then analysed. This is a big component in how Genpact provides solutions to companies. KaziRemote continues to offer accuracy to Genpact and enable them provide data accurate solutions to their clients.

Quick TAT

To offer value, we work around what is best for our clients. Genpact expectations is to have their transcripts as soon as they are done with recording their interviews. KaziRemote’s ability to be flexible has helped us give the best turnaround time for Genpact.


KaziRemote adheres to data security. We understand that clients like Genpact share entrusted information and hence emphasize on confidentiality. We use our tools and systems to ensure data is secure.


Communication facilitates for smooth running of any project. Genpact has specific formatting guidelines which were communicated clearly to our team. We have adhered to these guidelines everytime we work with Genpact.