Al _The Bull_ Ferrara
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Interviews transcription with an intent to write an autobiography

One of the partners in Bavasi sports partner was conducting interviews with the Legendary Major league baseball player Al “the bull” Ferrara. The intent of these interviews was to help Al write his autobiography.

Al Ferrara played for the Los Angeles Dodgers and the interviews were his opportunity to speak about playing big in the 50s and 60s.

What an honor to transcribe Al’s interviews.

Client: Robert Bavasi

Category: General Transcription

Date: February 2016- April 2016

Active listening

With the understanding that this project was done with the intent of writing an autobiography for a legend. Active listening was key, to ensure that everything said was typed out.

Customer Retention

Successful project completion meant a satisfied customer who turned out to be a repeat customer for KaziRemote. Giving value always.


The interviewee was a legendary baseball player and the whole project included baseball terminologies and baseball players’ names before 1960s. Proofreading and research skills enabled us type in baseball terminologies correctly.


Projects of this magnitude helped KaziRemote appreciate that every client is unique and has unique guidelines. Flexibility allows us to customize and work according to the client’s preferences.